programme guide

HOSSANA MACHEO Monday To Friday 5:00 AM- 9.30AM Hossana Macheo get you start the day by drawing you close to the Lord with inspirational Music, encouragements, short uplifting devotionals and setting the pace for the day with informative/ educative/entertaining segments that include, current affairs, Topical issues revolving the wholistic being with focus on Financial, legal , investment, etc, Such topics keeping you informed on the best business models, investments The Calvary way comes through every day with pastor Danny Hodges from Calvary chapel getting you an in-depth understanding of the bible and nourishing our Souls and enriching our walk, Faith, Fellowship with Jesus Christ
MIXED FLAVORS Monday To Friday from 10:00 AM -2:00 PM Mixed Flavors is your work companion, Morale booster show which fuels you listener with energetic/quality/ inspiring music coupled with informative segments through the week, Identifiable with the daily Bible trivia in the first hour, The second hour is characterized by The calvary way teaching from Calvary Chapel- Pastor Malcom Wild and Gib Allen walking through the Bible. Each day has some kitchen tips on the third hour and awesome inspirational music to accompany you during the lunch hour time with different genres of music from praise, choir songs, hymns and worship.
MAVUNO Monday to Friday from 4:00PM- 7:00PM What a best way to wind up your work, head home after a days long work other than BHB Mavuno giving you that final Tempo in the first hour. The second hour is light discussion and third hour getting you that relaxing, worship music to take your home as you reflect the day activities and just being grateful to the Almighty God for the day.
JAMII YA MKRISTO Monday to Friday 7.30 PM-11:00PM This show walks through the family setup, parenting, addressing the wholistic human being in the society and later talking about the Marriage. Guest’s With in depth understanding of the Family are part of our discussions that come on Fridays and Saturdays from 11PM,